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Load Grab Logistics LLC is ready to help you find the best  load, price per miles and the most rentable route. 

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Our Services

Load Grab Logistics LLC serves and books loads for the trailers listed below. If your type is not on the list and you would like us to locate you a load, please contact us via email or phone.


Take the hassle out of finding high-paying loads with our reliable dispatching services.

We’ll handle all the phone conversations, negotiate the best prices with brokers, and even send load emails on your behalf.

No more time wasted on tedious paperwork or navigating complex channels. We’ve got you covered.


Rest easy knowing that we’ll address any concerns that arise, allowing you to focus solely on driving and maximizing your earnings.

Save money with our low fee package options and enjoy the flexibility of a no-obligation service. Let us handle the logistics while you hit the road!


Take your trucking company to new heights with Load Grab Logistics LLC’s top-notch dispatching services.

Our expertise lies in finding high-paying loads, so you can dedicate your time and energy to what you do best – driving.


Say goodbye to the hassle of phone conversations, price negotiations, load emails, paperwork, and regular channel management – we’ll handle it all for you with utmost professionalism.

With our low fee package options and no obligation commitment, we ensure that you save money while enjoying top-notch service.

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Supercharge your trucking company with Load Grab Logistics LLC’s top-notch dispatching services.

Leave the load finding and booking to us while you hit the road stress-free.

We handle all the nitty-gritty tasks – from phone conversations to negotiations, paperwork to regular channels.

With our expertise, you’ll secure high-paying loads without breaking a sweat. Plus, enjoy our low fee package options and hassle-free commitment. Join us now by filling in the form below and start saving time and money today!


Revolutionize Your Hauling Experience

Load Grab Logistic isn’t just a dispatching service; it’s your strategic partner in the pursuit of trucking excellence. Here’s why you should make the shift:

* High-Paying Loads, Always!
Say goodbye to empty miles and underwhelming hauls. LoadGrab ensures you have access to a steady stream of premium, top-paying loads. Maximize your revenue with every trip!

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